Covid Policy

UniWalker has put in to place the following covid practices and policies to help protect our staff and our customers:

All staff memebers are signed up to the covid track & trace app and are adhering to it in accordance with government guidelines

None of our members of staff or their ‘household bubble’  have had or been called to be tested for covid to date: Jan 25/01/21 (updated weekly)

All staff working in the main office, other indoor areas and property are required to maintain a high santitised and clean working area. Staff are required to wash their hands and sanitise on arrival and through out the day. Strict cleaning and distancing measures are in place and adhered to at all times IAW government guidelines

All visitors, such as couriers are not allowed indoors and must remain outside and distanced at all times.

No non essential visitors are allowed on the premises until further notice. All meetings must be by made by prior appointment and will be carried out over Zoom (or equivelent) where possible.

All stock delivered is kept quarantined in it’s own storage space away from the main stock for 7 days before being moved into the main warehouse and released for sale

All incoming mail is stored safely and left unopened for 3 days – this may cause a short delay for returns or invoices to be processed

These policeis and practices do not delay or hinder online purchases or emails

UniWalker would like to thank everybody for their continued cooporation and understanding in this matter. We will keep this page updated as the situation and guidelines change