UniWalker – the only lead you’ll ever need


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UniWalker – Stop your dog pulling NOW!

UniWalker figure of 8 lead is the answer

Uniwalker Figure of 8 training dog lead

How it works......

UniWalker Figure of 8 Dog Lead

STOP your dog pulling – NOW!

A lightweight, padded nylon lead with a chrome buckle & a leather stopper. 3 in 1 dog leads – Slip Lead, Fixed Lead & Halter Lead. A simple movement of the lead through the chrome buckle alters the type of use. 

Easy, simple & effective – One size fits all! 

The UniWalker is used and recommended by the UKโ€™s top behaviourists & trainers.

Fully washable

UniWalker -Try it for yourself


Belle is an 8 month old working cocker spaniel who knows very well how to heel when she feels like it, which isn’t very often. Tried the UniWalker Figure of 8 Lead as bit of punt having grown tired of straining against her pulling and I kid you not, it’s like walking a different dog! Even into the park where she normally goes into alligator mode she was trotting along at heel. The lead is comfy in the hand and seemed comfy for her too. She had a few attempts of paw it off but was rewarded with treats when walking normally and seemed to accept it very quickly. She was able to eat, drink and carry a ball home in her mouth with the nose strap on. Absolute game changer. Thank you! A.B

Hi there all, firstly let me say how pleased i am with the UniWalker Figure of 8 Dog Lead! Its fantastic, without it my German Shepherd and my Husky were both absolutely atrocious to walk. Since getting these Dog Leads they are different dogs, i can now walk both of them by myself!!. Now i have recommended these leads to both my aunt and cousin who both have purchased them from you. My local vet was so impressed by them that she is going to recommend them to all dog owners in the practice. K.P