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I have a 3 year old Labrador, shes lovely and easy to train good manners, EXCEPT on walks, she pulled always and no matter what just wouldn’t stop. I tried everything and nothing worked until now. This UniWalker Figure of 8 Lead has literally changed my life! I’m no longer dreading talking my dog for a walk, even my 9 yr old daughter can walk her and have full control. I’m only sad i didn’t buy one of these 2 yrs ago, it would have saved us all a lot of heartache. I asked my daughter how many stars we should give the leash from 1 to 5, her answer was 5000 and i totally agree.  J.W 

I have a 2 year old Lurcher/ Lab cross who is a nightmare on the lead. She pulls, lunges at other dogs and is aggressive when on the lead. I have tried every kind of non pull harness, I have tried halties which left her completely distressed and unmanageable. Having recently discovered this UniWalker Figure of 8 lead I can honestly say I wish I’d discovered it 2 years ago when we got her. She is a completely different dog with this lead on. Although occasionally she still tries to lunge at other dogs it stops her straight away. Most times now she hardly bothers and this lead seems to have somehow calmed her down.  Taking her for a walk is a much nicer experience since buying this lead. I would thoroughly recommend it. M.S


Hi there all, firstly let me say how pleased i am with the UniWalker Figure of 8 Dog Lead! Its fantastic, without it my German Shepherd and my Husky were both absolutely atrocious to walk. Since getting these Dog Leads they are different dogs, i can now walk both of them by myself!!. Now i have recommended these leads to both my aunt and cousin who both have purchased them from you. My local vet was so impressed by them that she is going to recommend them to all dog owners in the practice. K.P

Absolutely brilliant!! I bought this Figure of 8 Dog Lead for my cocker spaniel who pulls like mad on the lead, my daughter wanted to walk him but couldn’t as he was too strong. With this he walks really nicely by her side. I had tried a halti but they were either too big or small. I would definitely recommend this lead to anyone with a dog that pulls! Plus super fast delivery! S.A

Figure of 8 Dog Lead – My friend recommended this lead after seeing my spaniel and I having a constant battle walking to heel. OMG what a revelation!! I feel like I have a new dog – no pulling whatsoever, and it doesn’t seem to bother or irritate her in any way! Would highly recommend, prompt delivery with easy to understand instructions. C.B

This lead, UniWalker Figure of 8 Dog Lead,  has performed miracles on my flat coated retriever! He used to pull all the time not responding to any of his training until we introduced him to his lead, he now walks like a lamb and I am able to take the halter off when he is in settled mode on a walk, he then carries on in the same vein on the collar. Would really recommend this as a training aid. A.R

UniWalker Figure of 8 Lead – Arrived next day!! Our young pup couldn’t be walked where their were people or other dogs, she pulled so hard she was choking herself. We tried a Halti which was useless. This collar worked so well that she walked to heel straight away and very soon learned not to pull at all. Thank you so much to whoever thought of it. G.M

UniWalker Figure of 8 Dog Lead – Very pleased with it. My 9 month old Labrador pup does walk to heel but is very social and I had problems if there was another dog as he always wants to play. I have a bad shoulder and found it difficult to hold him when he wanted to meet other dogs. He feels as light as a feather by my side and I have had no problems when he meets other dogs now as he can’t put his weight into the collar. F.E 

UniWalker Figure of 8 Dog Lead – I’ve just taken my, pull for his life, knock you over, dislocate your arm Samoyed for his first walk on this. No word of a lie within five minutes I was walking on a loose lead like a crufts champion. Given me my confidence back with walking my two together. Thank you. N.A

UniWalker Figure of 8 dog lead blue

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